I first visited The Gambia as a tourist with my wife in 2002. We loved it and have been back many times since then. Over this time we have learned a lot about the country - its people, culture and traditions; different ways of getting there and getting around; how to get the most out of a visit and how the people and the country can benefit from your trip.

I know that The Gambia does not suit everyone as a holiday destination - for some it is too much like hard work. But for those who like a holiday to be a bit more than 'back home with sunshine', The Gambia can be a very interesting, fun and rewarding change from the standard 'run of the mill' package.

If you have never been and want to know more before you make your decision; if you have made your arrangements to go to Gambia but want to know what to expect, or if you already love the place and want to find out more, I hope that these pages will help.